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About Us

We are a Spanish-based company located in Barcelona. 

We are a group of a young and enthusiastic team ready to offer the best active ingredients to promote human and animal health. 

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Some figures about us

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50%  international team

Average age of 31 years

Female dominant: 60%

International delivery: 48 to 72 hours

National delivery: 24 to 48 hours

+450 references permanently at stock

IFS Broker and FAMI-QS Certified


We assume and promote the following basic principles that mark all our activities in terms of quality and food safety of the product: Identify and work with all stakeholders, generating and maintaining relationships of mutual trust and respect.

  • Focus our activities on the knowledge and satisfaction of the needs and expectations of customers.

  • Comply with current legislation applicable to our activity.

  • Establish and maintain an appropriate food safety culture with the commitment of management.

  • Guarantee the culture aimed at meeting the product requirements established in terms of quality, product safety, legality, processes, and specifications.

  • Encourage the involvement of all staff through teamwork, internal communication, professional development training and recognition of achievements.

  • Promote the culture of continuous improvement of our processes, products and services and excellence in management with the aim of increasing competitiveness and creating value and the effectiveness of the quality and food safety system.

  • Guarantee commitment to fraud prevention and food defence.

  • Promote ethical commitment in all our actions, carried out by all our staff and guarantee economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

  • Develop the activity in a way that is respectful with the environment and with the protection of the environment.

  • Establish and promote the use of the food safety and quality management system based on the IFS BROKER and FAMI-QS Standard as a basic principle of the organization, to provide the framework for defining and reviewing quality objectives and food safety of our products.

Signed by Victor Ortuño (CEO)

January 2024


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